We have well equipped training facilities at all locations where our operatives undergo a 2 weeks mandatory training in security operations. We also do refresher training programs for our supervisors to sharpen their skills. These training involve theoretical and practical exercises using appropriate models and aids.


Our two weeks training curriculum covers the following:

  1. Physical security measures
  2. Threat analysis
  3. Personnel discipline and physical fitness
  4. Report writing
  5. Observation techniques
  6. Duties of security operatives
  7. Radio communication
  8. VIP Protection
  9. Escort duties
  10. Arrest, search and investigation tecniques
  11. Self defence and foot drills
  12. Rules and regulations
  13. Threats to security
  14. Emergency response
  15. First Aid application
  16. Fire fighting drills
  17. Public relations
  18. Access control procedures
  19. Personnel Security
  20. Document Security
  21. Firearms detection
  22. Liason with the police
  23. Legal aspects
  24. Anti –terrorism and disaster management



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