Our services

MacGregol range of services are aimed at meeting the security needs of numerous and diverse clients:

Manned Guarding Services

Our guards are the most effective ambassadors of our business brands. With that in mind, their selection and training is uppermost in our minds together with the need for a robust backup structure for recruitment, training and deployment processes. We invest in dedicated officers responsible for profiling and background checks of guards and their guarantors before final deployment. The branding and kitting team also ensures that all guards are adequately and efficiently clothed for its operations while the operations team provides back up support in their zones of coverage. Our communication systems and radios and GSMs makes our coordination easier in each location. We also dedicate a contract manager to cater for the customer service responsibility and relationship with clients.

Risk Management & Asset Protection

Businesses are vulnerable to several risks and we are keen on provide services that would reduce and or mitigate their exposures to risks:
* In-depth threat assessment and solutions
* Disaster Management
* Firefighting & Prevention services
*Proactive & Forensic business risk analysis and mitigation.

As part of our value added services to clients, we provide periodic country and industry Security risk assessment reports.

Investigations, Surveillance & Background checks

MacGregol reserves the skill for investigative assignments, due illigence,surveillance and background checks, employees vetting and fraud examination postmortem

Security Consultancy Services

Macgregol provide employee and other professional training for staff and clients where necessary. We are open to local and international trainings to equip clients and staff with adequate knowledge and skill in all areas of security management.

Cash-In-Transit Services

Movement of funds in financial sector is also a key activity of MacGregol. With our armed escorts, company moves cash from one location to another based on clients request.

VIP Protection, Escort logistics & Protocol

With the increased insecurity, car jacking and kidnapping in the society, MacGregol provides VIP/escort services to high net-worth individuals and expatriates for movement within the country. Both our escort commanders and drivers are well trained in the arts of journey management and defensive driving.

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We have well equipped training facilities at all locations where our operatives undergo a 2 weeks mandatory training in security operations. We also do refresher training programs for our supervisors to sharpen their skills. These training involve theoretical and practical exercises using appropriate models and aids.

Our two weeks training curriculum covers the following:
Physical security measures
Threat analysis
Personnel discipline and physical fitness
Report writing
Observation techniques
Duties of security operatives
Radio communication
VIP Protection
Escort duties
Arrest, search and investigation tecniques

Self defence and foot drills
Rules and regulations
Threats to security
Emergency response
First Aid application
Fire fighting drills
Public relations
Access control procedures
Personnel Security
Document Security
Firearms detection
Liason with the police
Legal aspects
Anti –terrorism and disaster management


We provide Guarding services for the following sectors of the economy:

Corporate offices
Hospitality Sector
Manufacturing companies
Transport/Aviation and Maritime Sector
Residential estate and individual homes
Transport/Aviation and Maritime Sector
Oil & Gas
Banking and Financial Sector
Security and Special events