7 Effective Event Security Tips

There is no gainsaying the fact that security, health and safety are very important components of event planning. As it is always said, it is better to be safe than sorry. From red carpet events to fashion shows, religious to cultural events, school events to musical shows, annual general meetings to fashion shows, product launch to political gatherings amongst others, having proactive and holistic security measures in place can ease the minds of attendees, participants, celebrities and VIPs. More often than not, event planners are bogged down with a lot of tasks and as a result it is not unusual that security concerns, event security is sometimes left to the last minute. Prior to selecting a venue for an event, it is advisable that security and safety consideration must be factored in. Event security is crucial because terrorists, criminals, active shooters usually target such seemingly vulnerable soft targets in other to exert maximum casualty. This explains why MacGREGOL Security Ltd is poised to proffer solutions and create security awareness in the regard.  The following security and safety tips will enhance

For Event Organizers;

  1. Selection of Venue: This can be one of the most important decisions to be taking prior to hosting an event. The crime rate in that vicinity could be an indication of probable security risks.
  2. Holistic security risk assessment: Apart from criminals targeting events, terrorists bask on mass casualty and this explains why they target soft targets where people gather. This is why a holistic security risk assessment is key. This means the security consultant needs to visit the event venue before the event for an assessment. MacGREGOL Security Limited is adept at event security.
  3. Access/Crowd Control: This can pose a serious problem especially during big events. Managing the crowd can be really difficult especially during large-scale events. There is also the possibility of a protest during some events. To this end, adequate security staff, including Bouncers will be required for control crowd. The security staff must be briefed before the event on what is expected of them. Security staff must ensure that all guests are decently screened and checked in with right credentials.
  4. Surveillance: A visible security presence is important. This means uniformed and plain clothe security staff with communication gadgets should be strategically positioned to provide surveillance during an event. Advances in science and technology means security gadgets such CCTV Cameras or drones can be used for surveillance.
  5. Security Gadgets: Communication gadgets, hand-held metal detectors, pepper spray, stun guns, walk-through metal/bomb detectors, amongst others will be needed.
  6. Emergency Response Plan: Nothing in life is predictable. As security conscious citizens and professionals, our mantra is to hope for the best and plan/prepare for the worst. This is why emergency planning and response will go a long way to forestall or contain undesirable outcomes during events. To this end, it is advisable to have emergency medical, first aid crew and first responders on ground.
  7. For attendees or participants, it is trite that security is a collective responsibility. Be ALERT! Be security and safety conscious. Don’t attend such events with valuables – expensive wristwatch, jewelry etc. Don’t get drunk; if you do, don’t drive. For ladies, it is risky to follow someone you don’t know from Adam home. Beware of stampede, wonky podiums or platforms.

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Written By: Don Okereke

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